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The Media Online team helps our Members bring high-quality digital content to their audiences. We provide services and intelligence in the the areas of digital storytelling, social media, and digital skills. We support Members in their efforts to reach digital audiences who are not consuming traditional radio and television. We help Members understand trends in order to create more relevant content and services.

Key areas of responsibility include our networks of Digital Storytelling Labs, Social Media Trends Experts and our Online Media Steering Committee of senior online managers. We also serve Members via publications, workshops and by developing tools they request.

Another key focus is the development of partnerships with industry-leading companies and organisations, in the areas of online and social media. We work horizontally across the Media Department to exchange knowledge, incubate new services and to promote a digital way of doing things at the EBU.


Featured Groups

Media Online Steering Committee

The Eurovision Media Online Committee brings together senior online, digital innovation and transmedia...

Digital Storytelling Labs

EBU's Digital Storytelling Labs members work together to foster creativity and innovation in the fields...

Featured Publications

21 OCTOBER 2015

Activity Report 2014-2015: Online & Social Media

The Online & Social Media Unit was created in August 2014 to provide key strategic support for Members....

19 NOVEMBER 2015

Children’s news: How can it survive the digital era?

Our Online Journalism Fellow Kristin Granbo works for the Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation, NRK. This...

Featured Events

24 AUGUST 2016

Digital News Workshop for the Digital and News Communities in PSM

A one-day workshop to explore experiences, ideas and case studies about how public service media organisations are delivering digital news services

23 MARCH 2016

EBU-RTS (Big Data) Hackathon

The EBU-RTS Hackathon will bring together data scientists, designers, developers, data journalists and other experts to build prototypes and to explore new solutions for gathering and analysing information about Europe’s migration crisis.

Featured Programme

Eurovision Debate
Eurovision Debate is an interactive, transmedia project that aims to bring the people of Europe together online and via traditional media.

Latest news

26 AUGUST 2016

EBU hosts first Digital News Workshop in Geneva

If digital is the new normal, what is the impact for news production and consumption trends? 35 news professionals from 19 EBU Members gathered in Geneva on Wednesday (24 August) to share experiences and explore their challenges in delivering digital news services and serving all audiences effectively with high-quality content and on all devices and platforms.

28 JULY 2016

Big Data Initiative: striking the right balance for public service algorithms

The RTBF’s big data expert Pierre Nicolas Schwab invites EBU Big Data Initiative participants to join a workshop addressing algorithms and PSM values this December in Brussels.

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