Public service media

Promoting public values by informing, educating and entertaining

Defining public service media

Public service media (PSM) comes in a variety of shapes. The traditional radio or television has developed to include digital platforms that meet the changing needs of how audiences consume media today.

Our Members believe in a transparent world of communication for the common good, creating content that freely informs, educates and entertains the public, and continue striving to perform to the highest standards with moral integrity and maximum efficiency. They realise that trust is at the centre of the relationship with the audiences to ensure their place as the most credible, diverse and creative national media broadcaster.

Core Values


All EBU Members have signed The Declaration on the Core Values of Public Service Media, and in doing so pledge to strive for the highest levels of service for audiences. It identifies six core values shared by PSM which are outlined below:

Universality - to reach everyone, everywhere

Independence - to be trusted programme makers

Excellence - to act with integrity and professionalism

Diversity - to take a pluralistic approach

Accountability - to listen to audiences and engage in meaningful debate

Innovation - to be a driving force for innovation and creativity