EUropean Policy

We lead political interventions in favour of public service values, sustainable funding and independence.

Audiovisual media services directive
Protecting and strengthening the EU's unique audiovisual model, and harmonising regulation

Setting the right regulatory conditions to compete and innovate in today's global media landscape

Working towards a streamlined rights clearance process for TV, radio and online content

Data protection
Finding the right balance between personal data protection and freedom of expression

Digital radio
Better sound, more choice and services at lower cost - the hybrid digital future of radio

Media convergence
Making the most of the opportunities offered by a ‘hybrid’ media environment

Media freedom and pluralism
Playing a leading role in supporting and strengthening media freedom and pluralism

Open internet
A precondition for media pluralism, informed citizenship and online innovation

PSM funding and governance
Predictable funding, independent governance and commitment to serving audiences

An indispensable resource for broadcasting TV and radio to over 250 million Europeans

Trade policy
Ensuring that Europe remains in charge of its audiovisual and cultural sector