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Our Digital Media team is part of the EBU's Media Department. The shift to digital is affecting every aspect of the way we create, produce and publish public service media content. In 2015, we established the Digital Media Steering Committee to create a bigger footprint across genres and platforms. In close cooperation with the committee, we drive and guide EBU Members in their digital transformation processes and we define, together, the digital ecosystem of public service media.


Featured Events

23 JANUARY 2017

Digital Media Days

Following from our Online and Social Media Trends Summits, the first EBU Digital Media Days will be a three-day Members-only event to define the digital ecosystem for public service media.

07 NOVEMBER 2016

Digital Storytelling Labs Programme: Visit to RTS Lab

The fifth encounter of the EBU Digital Storytelling Labs programme will take place in Geneva on 7-8 November, at the kind invitation of RTS Lab and in cooperation with SRG Innovation.

Latest news

20 MARCH 2017

Graham Dixon examines ‘what is radio‘ at Radiodays Europe

The EBU's Head of Radio has addressed the annual Radiodays Europe event in Amsterdam with a speech addressing...

08 FEBRUARY 2017

Collaboration key to success of Digital Radio

The EBU's Media Intelligence Service (MIS) has published its annual update on Digital Radio advances...

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