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In a fast-changing technological, political and regulatory environment, we advise our Members on specific legal issues, offering practical solutions in the fields of EU and national competition, copyright and media law that are specific to their needs. We analyse proposals, explore the implications with legislators and promote a legal framework which allows our Members to operate with optimum efficiency whilst continuing to contribute to the democratic, social and cultural needs of society. We also manage EBU membership and statutory matters and advise on all EBU contracts, including the Eurovision Song Contest, sports, news and networks.

Latest news

23 OCTOBER 2017

EBU and EFJ call on the European Parliament to adopt report on whistleblowers

The European Parliament has an opportunity to make a crucial statement on the protection of whistleblowers....

10 OCTOBER 2017

Polish Radio hosts discussion on big data and PSM

EBU Legal's Jenny Weinand was at the 2nd European Radio Forum organised by Polskie Radio on 6 October...

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GDPR Workshop: Preparing for Compliance
13 Nov 2017
EBU Headquarters, Geneva

Featured Publication

02 Dec 2016
PSM Remit Principles for the Digital Media Age
The Legal Focus on the PSM Remit identifies non-binding guidance principles to help PSM organizations deal with the critical question of their role in the digital media age.

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