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Authoring & Programming - 28 - 29 Nov 2019
Podcasts & Public Radio: Can we stay ahead? 
Podcasting plays an important role in shifting the media landscape, so ensure that you are making the best use of your expertise.
Digital Technologies - 12 - 13 Dec 2019
Preparing your move to Live-IP TV Production 
The Master Class is designed to support EBU Members in their transition to a full live-IP production environment. The course gives a high-level strategic and technology overview on the issue. It also provides...
Brands & Values - 03 - 04 Mar 2020
Design thinking and innovation 
Design thinking has the power to generate new ideas in programmes, formats or strategies We need to reinvent broadcasting. Public service media need to meet the traditional needs of their audiences – information,...
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Authoring & Programming - 21 - 22 Sep 2017
High-speed coverage with Facebook Live 
Go live with interactive iPhone content that audiences love
Safety & Security - 18 - 22 Sep 2017
HEST, Hostile Environment Safety Training 
An all-round safety training course for journalists reporting live in times of trouble
Management & Leadership - 04 Sep - 08 Aug 2017
Executive Programme 4 
A mini-MBA for top media executives in partnership with two of the world's top business schools - IESE and UCLA Anderson
Digital Technologies - 22 - 23 Jun 2017
Preparing your move to live-IP TV production 
Technology and workflow essentials for networked media production
Digital Technologies - 19 - 23 Jun 2017
FRAME Session 1: preservation, digitization and management of audio visual archives 
Enhance the value of your media content
Safety & Security - 19 - 23 Jun 2017
Hostile Environment Safety Training (HEST) 
An all-round safety training course for journalists reporting live in times of trouble
Authoring & Programming - 08 - 09 Jun 2017
Viral videos: a new type of media product 
The right mix of platforms, storytelling attributes and audiences to create high-engagement videos which support your overall strategy
Safety & Security - 08 - 09 Jun 2017
Safety refresher course for reporters 
This 2-day course aims to provide journalists and technical media professionals working in the field with an update on new threats, while consolidating information already taught but perhaps forgotten....
News & Journalism - 01 - 02 Jun 2017
Verification in the newsroom: digital newsgathering with confidence 
Monitor social media sources, verify UGC and fight 'fake news' with speed and accuracy
News & Journalism - 29 - 30 May 2017
Constructive journalism 
Explore solution–based stories to enrich your news and leave your audience feeling empowered