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Digital Technologies - 18 - 19 Feb 2019
How to create engaging Instagram Stories 
Reach a younger audience with engaging and fresh storytelling
Authoring & Programming - 28 Feb - 01 Mar 2019
Explainer videos: visual journalism for social platforms 
Format your factual content to reach social audiences
Brands & Values - 04 - 05 Mar 2019
Design thinking and innovation 
Design thinking has the power to generate new ideas in programmes, formats or strategies
Digital Technologies - 14 - 15 Mar 2019
EBU Implementing Open Innovation Themed Visit @Radio France 
Join this visit to Radio France Digital's headquarters and learn about their idea accelerator and their strategies for driving and implementing innovative products and services.
Digital Technologies - 08 - 09 Apr 2019
How to get ahead in sport with social media 
Learn from SVT about how to build a meaningful social media ecosystem in the sporting world
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News & Journalism - 14 - 15 Dec 2015
Shooting for news with an iPhone or iPad 
Your Swiss Army Knife for powerful newsgathering
Digital Technologies - 07 - 08 Dec 2015
Social media and sport 
Become a social media champion
News & Journalism - 30 Nov - 01 Dec 2015
Constructive journalism 
Explore solutions to enrich stories and leave your audience feeling empowered
Digital Technologies - 23 - 24 Nov 2015
IMPS Theme visit to SRF, TPC, SRG 
Join the 12th Integrated Media Production Strategies theme visit
Digital Technologies - 19 Nov 2015
Social media, radio and music at BBC Radio 
How radios can spice up interactivity with music fans
Digital Technologies - 16 - 17 Nov 2015
Changing workflows in multiplatform newsrooms 
A roadmap to help you optimize your workflows in a multiplatform environment
Digital Technologies - 11 Nov 2015
Critical insight into Facebook and Instagram for journalists 
A fresh perspective on the role these tools could play in your news publication strategy in terms of audience, brand, content, and platform
Safety & Security - 04 - 05 Nov 2015
6th Network & Learn for security officers 
Security is an essential component for media teams working in hostile environments. Lives may depend on their preparedness and ability to read situations accurately
Digital Technologies - 19 - 23 Oct 2015
FRAME: Preservation, digitization, promotion of media content - session 2 
Enhance the value of your media content
News & Journalism - 15 - 16 Oct 2015
YLE, the innovative convergent newsroom 
Learn from YLE how to bring your news operation to the next level of convergence