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An initiative that helps public service media leverage the potential of AI and data


Artificial intelligence (AI) and data are central themes for public service media (PSM) today, especially when it comes to strengthening and personalizing relationships with its citizens.

Well-adapted big data strategies can help PSM organizations in many different ways including understanding cross-platform audiences, creating powerful data journalism stories, enhancing the audience experience, boosting content creation via data-driven editorial production and programming, streamlining business processes, and identifying new products and services to offer.

This is why the EBU has launched a strategic ‘AI and Data Initiative ’ (formerly the Big Data Initiative). The initiative is driven by EBU Members, and headed by EBU Technology & Innovation, with cross-departmental support by the EBU’s Legal & Policy, Media, Media Intelligence Service and Communications teams.


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AI and Data Group
The EBU's AI and Data Group defines the AI and Data Initiative strategy and priorities in order to support EBU Members' data usage and data-driven strategies.

Data-driven Strategies


Together, we are looking to help develop strategies, identify best practices and provide concrete recommendations in four specific areas:

  • the improvement of audience measurement techniques;
  • the implementation of recommendation systems in line with PSM values;
  • the development of new content strategies tailored to audience behaviour and preferences;
  • the development of common EBU principles to meet data protection and privacy legal requirements.

Through the exchange of skills and know-how in these areas, we aim to guide PSM in the implementation of data-driven strategies that stay true to public service remits and values.


Audience Measurement

The EBU is committed to supporting its Members in the field of audience measurement. Towards this end, our Media Intelligence Service (MIS):

  • Supports the work of EBU Member organizations and facilitates the exchange of knowledge within our network of audience research experts
  • Monitors industry developments and disseminates regular updates
  • Builds relationships with professional associations, audience measurement providers and other relevant stakeholders
  • Conducts research and explains the key challenges of audience measurement.

Audience Measurement - Key Challenges - cover image.jpg (Audience Measurement...

Our Key Challenges publication explains, in non-technical language, the main challenges that EBU Members’ audience researchers and data analysts are facing, or are likely to face in the future. It also provides guidance for top management to mitigate challenges and explore data to its full potential. You can learn about other EBU projects related to audience measurement on pages 14-15.

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