Big Data Workshop: SSO, a strategic and operational challenge for broadcasters


Single-Sign-On (SSO) tools are gradually imposing themselves as a key component of big data strategies across industries. During this workshop on 17 and 18 October in Brussels, we will examine how SSO can support EBU Members' data strategies, with focus on the strategic aspects of SSO implementation, change management and exchange of best practices, rather than on technical issues.

This workshop offers a unique opportunity to gather lessons learned when implementing SSO, with expert insights from across several industries as well as public service media organizations. If your organization is currently considering introducing or updating an SSO system, we strongly encourage you to join us.

  • What are best practices from other industries to motivate people to create accounts ?
  • STV has been a pioneer in SSO and identity management : what are their conclusions about the usefulness of SSO?
  • MediaID was an attempt to have a nationwide SSO system in Belgium : how did it go ? What worked well and what didn't ?
  • SSO is a key component of the online press business model : how is its implementation going at Mediahuis?
  • How did VRT manage to have hundreds of thousands of accounts created within a few weeks with VRTnu?

Who should attend? Heads of digital and marketing, product owners, digital product developers, digital content managers

Why SSO? Users want personalization across platforms and services without the hassle of creating multiple accounts. At the same time, a single point of access to user data for broadcasters offers possibilities to enhance their services and maximize user engagement. As such, SSO tools are gradually becoming an important component of broadcasters' online strategies, making it possible to offer a seamless experience and improve services received by an individual user.


Location: Brussels

Date: 17 - 18 Oct 2017

Register by: 17 Oct 2017

Invitation only

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Preferential rates are available until 29 September at the Hotel Metropole, situated in Central Brussels near the famous Grande Place.

Please complete the following form and send it to no later than 29 September in order to book your room.


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