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Digital Media Steering Committee

The EBU Digital Media Steering Committee contributes to guiding and driving the shift to digital in EBU Members. The Committee was installed in 2015 to create a bigger footprint across genres and platforms. In 2016, the Committee has contributed to the revision of the work to date of the Digital Media Unit and has formulated a new strategy to move forward and to create a bigger impact within all existing genres and platforms in Media.

The Committee defined its two strategic priorities for 2017:

  • Driving culture change
  • Defining the role of PSM in the digital era, with a special focus on how to interact with big digital companies

The next meeting of the EBU Digital Media Steering Committee will take place in Frankfurt, at the kind invitation of ARD on 11-12 September 2107.

Committee Members


João Pedro Galveias, RTP (Portugal)



Anne-Paule Martin, RTS (Switzerland)
Simon Gooch, SR (Sweden)
Neil McIntosh, BBC (United Kingdom)
Heidi Schmidt, ARD (Germany)
Stijn Lehaen, VRT (Belgium)
Mika Rahkonen, YLE (Finland)
Ignacio Gomez, RTVE (Spain)
Wilfried Runde, DW (Germany)
Fabrice Massin, RTBF (Belgium)
Antonella Dilazzaro, RAI (Italy)



Contact details

Ezra Eeman
Head of Digital