EBU NEWS published on 28 May 2014 • Department / Unit TV

Eurovision Connect Award winners announced

The winners of this year’s highly-coveted Eurovision Connect Awards were announced in Vienna, where the cream of Europe’s public service media has gathered for a series of EBU-hosted events for leading experts in television, radio, media, branding and future proofing.

Five finalists for each of the 10 categories were shortlisted from an original pool of 200 entries representing 20 countries.

More than 100 delegates attending the two-day Connect event voted live for their favourite entries.


Best Promotion for a Sport Programme/Event:

First place – Yle 'Paradise’

Second place - TV2 '2014 European Handball Championship for men’

Shortlisted finalists:

SRF 'Sochi 2014'

NRK 'WC Ski'

BBC 'Rugby League Challenge Cup Final'


Best Promotion for a Documentary or a Current Affairs Programme:

First Place – France 5 for 'Harassment at School'

Second place – SVT 'The Foreign Correspondent’

Shortlisted finalists:

BBC Two – ‘Real life stories’

Yle – ‘Action for young people!’

ZDF – ‘Zoom’


Best Promotion for an Entertainment Programme/Event:

First place: BBC One – ‘The Voice’

Second place: BBC One – ‘The Apprentice’

Shortlisted finalists:

SRF – ‘The voice of Switzerland’

SVT – ‘Peter Settman is back’

VRT – ‘A royal summer on Canvas’


Best Promotion for a Fictional Programme:

First place: BBC One – ‘Doctor Who 50th Anniversary’

Second place: VRT Canvas – ‘The Killing Season 3’

Shortlisted finalists:

ZDF – ‘Verbrechen’ (Crime)

S4C – ‘Y Gwyll Hinterland’

ZDF – ‘Generation War’


Best Promotion for a Children's Programme/Event:

First place: BBC – ‘Cbeebies – Big Fun Time’

Second place: Yle – ‘The Moomins House’

Shortlisted finalists:

SVT – ‘Summer Holidays’

RTE – ‘The Late Late Toy Show’

UR – ‘Life in the Alphabet Country’


Best Channel Branding:

First place: ETV – ‘Channel indents’

Second place: TV2 – 'My Day image campaign’

Shortlisted finalists:

France 4 – ‘Keith Haring channel indents’

ZDFneo – ‘Channel indents’

RAI 5 – ‘Channel indents’


Best Overall Programme or Special Event Branding/Promotion:

First place: ZDF – ‘Herzkino 2013’

Second place: Yle – ‘HBO acapella'

Shortlisted finalists: SVT – ‘Nobel Studios’

WDR – ‘Happy Easter on Einsfestival’

ZDF – ‘Christmas 2013’


Best use of Graphic Design in a Promotion:

First place: RAI – ‘Radio RAI’

Second place: BBC Four – ‘Sound of Cinema’

Shortlisted finalists:

France 5 – ‘Face to face’

UR – ‘Play’

France 5 – ‘Le Doc Sauvage’


Best use of Music or Sound Design in a Promotion:

First place: WDR – ‘Adventure Earth’

Second place: France 5 – ‘Water Week’

Shortlisted finalists:

MDR – ‘Einfach genial’

BBC – ‘Where next?’

NRK – ‘Christmas package’


Grand Prix for Best Promotion in any category:

France 5 – 'Harassment at School'