EBU NEWS published on 03 Mar 2017 • Department / Unit Communications

Generation What presented at RAI Treaty of Rome anniversary event

EBU Director General Ingrid Deltenre has presented the Generation What Europe project at event in the Italian capital to mark the 60th anniversary of the signing of the Treaty of Rome which created the forerunner to the European Union.

Organised by Italian EBU Member Rai, the forum titled “Reconnecting Europeans: the Role of Public Service Media” examined Europe’s cultural identity and values and how to engage the younger generations who will shape the future of the European Union.

The Europe wide results of Generation What, which surveyed nearly a million 16 -34 year-olds from 35 countries reveal that trust in media amongst young people is low with 80 percent saying they have no confidence.

Trust in politics is even lower with an average of 82% having no trust in the process. Lack of trust is highest in Italy (94%) Greece (92%) and France (92%).

“Media and politics have a common challenge to restore trust with regards to young people,” Deltenre told the RAI conference.

“The Generation What results show that young people are very pro-European, but we have a real challenge to create a dialogue between them, institutions and politicians. We need to make a bigger effort to be understood and to better explain issues and challenges,” she added.

Following her presentation Deltenre took part in a panel discussion with David-Maria Sassoli, Vice-President of the European Parliament and Lauri Kivinen, Director General of YLE among others to discuss how public service media (PSM) can concretely promote a broader inter-cultural dialogue that can revitalize common values and reconnect Europeans in their multiple belongings and identities.

“PSM has a real responsibility to contribute to a better understanding of the current reality and challenges. In this respect, we are working on an “Erasmus-style” programme for journalists,” Deltenre told delegates.

The full results of the Europe-wide Generation What survey will be released in April.