Euroradio Christmas Music Day

Helsinki skyline
Kallio Church, Helsinki, one of the concert venues

The Euroradio Christmas Music Day has been one of the EBU’s most popular offerings ever since it first aired in 1995. The winning format has never varied: on the Sunday before Christmas, around a dozen EBU Radio Members contribute live or deferred concerts of music focused on the theme of Christmas. The potential repertory is vast, ranging from Gregorian chant and traditional carols to Baroque sacred music and contemporary a cappella works.

One of the keys to the Day’s appeal resides in its closeness, not only to radio listeners but also to the live audiences at the concert venues, who may witness traditional ceremonies or even be asked to sing along with the performers.

This year’s offering features, among others, excerpts from Bach's magnificent Christmas Oratorio from Copenhagen, a holiday jazz programme with a Hungarian twist, selected pieces from contemporary Italian composer Sergio Frigerio's new sacred cycle performed by a Russian chorus, and traditional carols from Portugal and elsewhere performed at a monastery church and featuring no fewer than six organs and three choirs, not to mention Jean Sibelius’ tune specially written for and performed on the bells of Helsinki’s Kallio Church, one of the Day’s venues.

Available to all Euroradio Members taking the Season, this beautiful programme of Christmas music was broadcast on Sunday, 17 December, from 9.00 to 22.00 GMT.

Contributing broadcasters:

  • ORF (Austria)
  • BNR (Bulgaria)
  • CR (Czech Republic)
  • BR (Germany)
  • HR (Germany)
  • DR (Denmark)
  • ERR (Estonia)
  • YLE (Finland)
  • MTVA (Hungary)      
  • RTP (Portugal)
  • OP (Russia)
  • SR (Sweden)



17 December 2017, 9.00-22.00 GMT

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