REPORT published on 20 Feb 2014

Connecting to a Networked Society - Vision2020 Executive Summary

How should we respond to fundamental and on-going changes in audience behaviour, technologies, media markets and societies – challenges faced by every member of the EBU community?

To help public service media (PSM) plan for these changes, in October 2012 the European Broadcasting Union (EBU) launched VISION2020. The goal of this ambitious project is to identify how PSM can remain indispensable to audiences and stakeholders in the years ahead. It was also the logical next step in defining the future of PSM, following the adoption of an EBU declaration in Strasbourg 2012 that identified the core values shared by Europe’s public service media. The results of this quest are summarized in this report: ideas, recommendations and examples to inspire and support Members.

From the outset, VISION2020 has been a collaborative process. We have tapped into the shared knowledge of the EBU community and organized debates among Members on how best to face the challenges ahead; we have used market research and other means to analyse trends in media consumption and media markets, and to identify and interpret challenges, opportunities and strategic dilemmas for PSM; we have gathered insights from interviews with PSM management and external experts. These findings were debated and assessed by three experts groups made up of 60 EBU delegates who met three times in the course of 2013. More than 150 Members of the EBU community participated in crafting strategies at the Trends Conference in Brussels on 31 May 2013.

This document integrates and summarizes the main findings of the project to date and includes 10 recommendations. Following the winter General Assembly on 5 & 6 December 2013, this document and the underlying analyses and supplementary support materials will be developed into an eReport and an application, to be launched in spring 2014.