5th EBU Master School on Radio Features (2010-2011)

The EBU Master School on Radio Features is a long-term training dedicated to young radio producers who want to improve their skills, tools and techniques in audio programming. They design and produce a radio feature under the personal coaching of experienced documentary producers.


  • Produce a high-quality radio feature.
  • Master innovative skills in radio production.
  • Enhance production marketability.
  • Gain self-confidence & create your network.


The selected pool of young radio producers benefits from the unique expertise of experienced professionals in writing, developing and producing quality radio features which have the potential to reach a European audience. This long-term training course includes:  

  • Two master courses
  • Online coaching
  • Production of a personal feature

Online coaching aims at accompanying the trainee all along the production of his/her feature, strengthening his/her self-confidence. Coaches can assist the trainees during the final editing.


20 Oct 2009 Call for applications
30 Nov 2009 Application deadline
7 Dec 2009 Selection of the candidates
6-9 Feb 2010 Berlin Master Course I
10 Feb-4 Jun 2010 Homework & Online coaching
5-7 Jun 2010 Brussels Master Course II
8 Jun-31 Aug 2010 Online coaching
30 Sept 2010 Final editing & production
30 October 2010 Production submission deadlin

Target audience

The EBU School of Talents on Radio Features is a long-term training dedicated to young radio producers (under 35) who want to improve their skills, tools and techniques in audio programming. They will be coached by experienced radio professionals in order to produce a high-quality radio feature, which will help them strengthen their self-confidence for future work.

29 candidates from 13 different countries have sent their application for the 5th edition of the EBU Master School on Radio Features. (Austria, Canada, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Germany, Ireland, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Slovakia, Sweden, UK).

The selection committee is composed of:

  • Edwin Brys (VRT, Belgium)
  • Lisbeth Jessen (Journalist, DR Dokumentar, Denmark)
  • Annick Lesage (VRT, Belgium)
  • Liam O'Brien (Head of Features, RTE, Ireland)
  • Stephen Erickson, Eva Roither (ORF, Austria)
  • Laureau Marceau (Head of pop music features and drama, EBU Radio Department) and
  • Nathalie Labourdette (Head of EBU TRAINING)

They met at VRT, Brussels early December to select the candidates.


Award-winning radio producers are carefully hand-picked to provide expert coaching.

  • Edwin Brys, VRT, Belgium
  • Stephen Erickson, freelance, Germany
  • Lisbeth Jessen, DR, Denmark
  • Annick Lesage, VRT, Belgium
  • Liam O'Brien, RTE, Ireland
  • Eva Roither, ORF, Austria

The selected candidates

The EBU Master School creates a dynamic network between Radio stations and builds bridges between generations of producers. Trainees become part of an international class. They exchange ideas and approaches while benefited from the richness of cultural differences. The young producers who have been chosen are:

participant photo participant photo participant photo

Nick Best

Freelance, Norway

Coach: Lisbeth Jessen

Katarzyna Blaszcyk

Polish Radio, Poland

Coach: Stephen Erickson

Ward Bogaert

VRT, Belgium

Coach: Liam O'Brien

participant photo participant photo participant photo

Katie Burningham

Radio producer
Falling Tree Productions, UK

Coach: Edwin Brys

Franziska Dorau

Radio journalist
ORF, Austria

Coach: Lisbeth Jessen

Beatrice Fenton


Coach: Liam O'Brien

participant photo participant photo participant photo

Tilla Fuchs

SR2 KulturRadio, Germany

Coach: Eva Roither

Nicoline Greer

RTE, Ireland

Coach: Eva Roither

Kristina Hoyer

National news reporter
NRK, Norway

Coach: Lisbeth Jessen

participant photo participant photo participant photo

Roswitha Kamps

Freelance program maker
RVU, Netherlands

Coach: Annick Lesage

Lovisa Lamm

Radio producer
Swedish Radio, Sweden

Coach: Stephen Erickson

Nanna Lodberg Theut

DR, Denmark

Coach: Liam O'Brien

participant photo participant photo participant photo

Lindsay Michael

Radio producer
CBC Radio, Canada

Coach: Stephen Erickson

Eva Nachmilnerova

Music editor
CR, Czech Republic

Coach: Edwin Brys

Ragna Nordenborg

Radio feature maker
NRK, Norway

Coach: Annick Lesage



06 Feb - 30 Oct 2010


Nathalie Labourdette
Head Eurovision ACADEMY
T +41 22 717 2146

Additional details

A DVD is produced at the end of each edition of the Master School with all the features produced by the trainees.
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Master Course I: Berlin, 6-9 Feb.

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Master Course II: Brussels, 6-7 June

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RTÉ Radio Programme wins at the radio oscars in Beverly Hills, California
Documentary on RTE One (Ireland), "In the same Boat", was produced by Nicoline Greer with production supervision by Èva Roither (coach)

Sony Radio Academy Awards 2011 - Production Awards
Gold for the Best feature was awarded to Katie Burningham (Falling Tree Productions for BBC Radio 4) for " Heel, Toe, Step Together"
with production supervision by Edwin Brys (coach)


 Master School on Radio Features Report