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Introducing “A European Perspective”, an EBU-led online news initiative aimed at building a trusted information space based on shared public service values.


“A European Perspective” brings together public service media who are committed to sharing online news content that offers their audiences fresh insight into pan-European issues.

Participating public service media contribute to a news recommendation service that helps European citizens contextualise trending stories such as the COVID-19 pandemic, climate change, and migration and better understand how neighbouring countries are coping with these challenges.

Contributors currently comprise EBU Members from Belgium (RTBF), Finland (YLE), France (France Télévisions), Germany (BR-ARD), Ireland (RTÉ), Italy (RAI), Portugal (RTP), Spain (RTVE) and Switzerland (SWI as well as ARTE, the Franco-German broadcaster.


“A European Perspective” contributes to developing a European public sphere that is rooted in core EU values such as respect for human dignity, equality, inclusion and the rule of law. 

It also aims to celebrate diversity and promote understanding between peoples across the continent.

The initiative has the unique potential to act as a beacon for audiences seeking to navigate their way through an increasingly oversaturated and disordered media space. 

It acts as a powerful counterbalance to disinformation campaigns and agenda-driven narratives which seek to foment division and exploit fault-lines between communities.


Each participating organization shares its stories through a Digital News Hub, where they are translated into multiple languages using the EBU's EuroVOX tool and robust editorial workflows.

Editors can then select the most relevant stories for their audiences and publish them through a dedicated widget featured on their websites and apps.

The tool empowers broadcasters to transcend language barriers and bring trusted content to citizens of all ages across Europe.

If you are curious about how 'A European Perspective' looks live, you can check the participating Members' websites listed below: 


Public service media using the recommendation service have agreed to adhere to the following editorial principles:

  • Content should address themes that resonate with all Europeans because they affect multiple countries, societies, or identity groups. 
  • Content should inform, examine, and explain the impact of policies, decisions and actions made by European governments and institutions, assessing how they impact the lives of citizens in the furtherance of core democratic principles. 
  • Participants should embrace the principles of diversity and inclusion, ensuring that news content promotes voices, views, and personal testimonies from across Europe's social landscape, including those of vulnerable or marginalised groups.
  • Content must be subject to independent and accountable editorial processes. It must be accurate and relevant, fair and respectful, particularly human dignity and diversity of thought.

Furthermore, all participants operate a systematic approach to handling audience complaints and corrections.


"A European Perspective” takes its cue from the Eurovision News Monitoring Tool, piloted by 14 EBU Members in 2020. 

This tool aims to allow participating broadcasters to monitor online content produced by their counterparts in real-time, using AI-assisted translation, automatic content recommendation tools (PEACH) and filters to identify items of interest that will resonate with national audiences. 

The use of AI aims to increase the relevance and diversity of news content using automated translations, text transcriptions and story selection.

Where content featured in the recommendation box has been translated using automated tools, users will see the legend: “Translated with the help of Artificial Intelligence". Where content has been automatically selected, either wholly or using algorithmic processes, it will be marked: “Selected with the help of Artificial Intelligence”. 

Public service media are committed to using AI in a way that respects fundamental rights, especially freedom of expression and information, and that enhances cultural and social diversity.

Who is leading this initiative?

“A European Perspective” is co-funded by a grant from the European Commission's Multimedia Actions programme. However, content production overheads are borne entirely by the participating broadcasters, which retain full editorial control over their stories.  

The Association Internationale sans but Lucratif (AISBL) EBU-UER in Brussels is responsible for managing the EU Grant and reporting to the European Commission on progress towards agreed indicators.

EBU members guide the collaboration through a Core Working Group presided by Asun Gomez-Bueno (Spain, RTVE) and Eric Scherer (France Télévisions)

In the framework of the EU-funded project, “A European Perspective” is complemented by a second Europe-wide content offer, “The European Collection”, which is managed by ARTE. “The European Collection” is a curated selection of documentaries, magazine shows and reports focusing on European politics and society. It comprises programmes produced by France Télévisions, Switzerland's SRG SSR, and the German public broadcasters ARD and ZDF.

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