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Music Seminar

This biennial meeting of EBU Radio Members from three Euroradio expert groups focuses on the very basics of music exchanges as well as on advanced subjects like "AOIP Tools" and working in a bi- or even trimedia environment. The new structure of the EBU Media Department is also an item on the two-day agenda.

Especially for newcomers in the field of International Relations (I. R.), EBU colleagues of the Euroradio team, assisted by experienced colleagues from I. R., Music and Technical Departments will explain how music exchange functions in daily practice. There will also be some practical exercises.

Then the chairs of the Music Group, the Euroradio Contact Engineers Group and the International Relations Group introduce their specific spheres of action and how they work together with the EBU Permanent Services in Geneva. Also on the agenda is an in-depth view on all the different types of music exchanges from classical music to rock and pop. The Radio Jazz Group will explain its activities too.

Additionally, legal and financial aspects will be picked as central themes, especially when it comes to video clips and video live streams which are more and more often offered as add-ons to radio concerts. Day two of the Music Seminar concentrates on technical issues. On the agenda: Audio over Internet Protocol tools, loudness and frequency issues.


Geneva, Switzerland

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