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Underwritten by Eurovision, News Xchange is the news industry’s most provocative and most insightful conversation. It’s where those with a passion for news come to connect, collaborate, challenge and create.

News Xchange is a community. This community comprises delegates from our event in Athens last year and delegates who will attend this year’s event. Our community comes together to re-imagine what news is about in the world today, what news should be about in best practice and what news will be about in the future.

News Xchange is an event. We bring together senior executives from the news industry and from around the world to discuss and debate, to network and to connect, and to share in an incredible experience. Our primary goal is to share our ideas and to go home with new ways of seizing opportunities, new strategies for addressing problems, new contacts for sharing the knowledge. And, a renewed sense of passion and commitment to our industry and to our work.

News Xchange is an ongoing conversation. This year, for the first time, the News Xchange website will provide a platform for everyone to talk to each other, to pose and to answer questions, to discuss, to debate and – really important – to plan the event that will bring everyone together this November in Spain. When the event is over, this site will once again be the destination for the ongoing discussions and actions.

The agenda for News Xchange 2012 is nearly complete and already we can announce an outstanding group of speakers and panelists. With the overall theme of Journalism Matters, this year's program will comprise four main parts: Stories, Tools, Connectedness and Transformation.

Sessions will include:

  • an opening keynote address from journalist Sonia Nazario, whose work covering "el tren de la muerta" -- Central American migrants risking life and limb on the so-called death trains up to Texas -- won her the coveted Pulitzer Prize for investigative journalism;
  • a look at the ongoing story of The Arab Spring from both Middle East and Western perspectives; a presentation on the climate change story from the viewpoint of indigenous Sami journalists;
  • the new Eurovision Thought Leadership Lecture featuring global guru Ethan Zuckerman;
  • a keynote address from the BBC's Director of News, Helen Boaden;
  • and many other fascinating panel discussions, debates and interviews.

At the end of the 2-day experience, there is no question that our belief in the power and responsibility of journalism will be even stronger.



Barcelona, Spain