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11th Human Resources Assembly

Since 2003, EBU Human Resources has been holding its Plenary Assembly every year to work on current themes in human resources management.

The theme this year is :


Human Resources: Getting Fit for the Future!


For several years now, Public Service Broadcasters across Europe have been going through profound structural changes within their organizations. The recent shifts in Society and in the Media Landscape prove that Change has become a permanent factor and can no longer be seen as a temporary state. 

HR professionals have been central to rising to the challenges generated by these major transformations. Downsizing, Demography and Diversity in skills are some of the realities with which HR is confronted. It is vital that HR practitioners are up to date with the change in both the media and society so they understand the context within which they must work in future.

This year’s HR Assembly will look at how Human Resources teams can prepare concrete tools and methods to face the challenges of the future in their organizations, and how HR teams can become valued partners.

We will lead discussions on how we can be proactive, and be more agile, creative and engaging in our solutions.



Follow this link to download the program.


Target audience:

For EBU Members only:

  • HR Directors and HR Managers.
  • Also welcome: Training & Development Directors and Managers, Organisational Effectiveness Managers and Heads of International Relations.


Should you have any questions or require any additional information, please contact

Olivier Dugenet
Human Resources Specialist
EBU Human Resources
Tel: +41 22 717 20 22
E-mail: dugenet@ebu.ch

Nathalie Cordonnier
Learning & Development Specialist
EBU Human Resources
Tel: +41 22 717 20 23 
E-mail: cordonnier@ebu.ch


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Additional Event Details

English and French interpretation will be provided.


  • Society in motion - Pernill Jonsson
  • Organisational change - Brigitta Nickelson
  • Retirement - Helène Sahlin
  • Downsizing - Alie Horden
  • Engagement - Geoffrey Matthews
  • EBU and You - HR Team
  • CoE project Mediane - Raynald Blion
  • Speakers Biography
  • Buzz group questions