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New Radio Day 2014

New Radio Day is an annual strategic event in the EBU public service radio industry.

About ten years ago there were only a few ways how to learn about new music. Perhaps you'd listen to your favourite radio station, you could go to a music shop and check out the latest CD releases, you might talk with friends or visit a festival. That was the extent of it.

But today the choice of platforms and offers is tremendous, with playlists everywhere. For relatively little money you can get access to millions and millions of songs, and when you go online, most of them are allowed to be downloaded. So how do radio stations react on this trend? How do they cope with this sort of new competition? Is it a competition at all, or are music aggregation platforms so much different to live radio that they don't count?

Time for a debate on current trends, visions and projects with experienced music producers and editors from all over Europe, joined by representatives of the new music platforms and the music industry.

At the kind invitation of VRT the conference will take place on 6 and 7 November in the Radiohuis in Leuven, Belgium.

Get involved by joining the conversation on social media using #NewRadioDay.


Presentations, videos and other material from this year's New Radio Day are available on the New Radio Group space on the EBU Community (valid login required).


Euroradio does not make hotel reservations, but you can find below a list of recommended hotels kindly sent by our colleagues from VRT where they reserved some rooms.

To book your room there, please click on the link to download the Hotel Reservation form (.PDF), and email it to the corresponding Hotel before the 5th October 2014 (availability is not guaranteed after this date).


IBIS Leuven


VRT Radiohuis, Boekhandelstraat Leuven, Belgium

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