Big Data Initiative Workshop - Recommendation systems and algorithms

The workshop is dedicated to recommendation systems and the role and challenges raised by the use of algorithms for public service media. The aim of the day is to focus on how the recommendation systems and the related technologies work with different examples media companies.

During this one-day workshop participants explored experiences, ideas and case studies about how public service media organisations are using recommendation tools. They reflected on how to find the right balance between algorithmic recommendation, editorial authority and the discovery effect. The workshopp offered interesting insights and fruitful discussions on how we can foresee the future developments of PSM in today’s convergent media landscape


 EBU recsys & personalization - Michael de Lucia, Michael Barroco  Members Only
 Future of Algorithms and Recommendations - Eric Scherer  Members Only
 Workshop report - Algorithms and Recommendations - France Télévisions  Members Only


Location: France Télévisions Headquarters, Paris


Invitation Only