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Digitalization and Regulation in Europe

Ahead of the Legal and Public Affairs Assembly, the Spanish broadcaster RTVE and the EBU organized a conference on the regulatory framework for broadcasters in the digital environment. The event was moderated by Pere Vila Fumas, Director of Technology and Innovation at RTVE,  with speeches from RTVE President José Antonio Sanchez and EBU Director General Ingrid Deltenre.

Ms Deltenre opened the event by saying, "Society and democracy is under pressure - there is increasing polarisation and distrust in institutions. If we get it right, new technologies can enable PSM to remain relevant for all, to the good of democracy and social cohesion."

Giuseppe Abbamonte, Director of Media Policy, DG CONNECT provided a global overview of the EU Regulatory environment, while Dr Monica Ariño, International Director at Ofcom and EPRA Vice-Chairperson, provided insights into challenges for the national regulator and the new PSM regulatory model in the UK.

Lola Villar, RTVE Legal Director and member of the EBU Legal and Policy Committee said that the event was an invaluable opportunity for Spain to consider the challenges and opportunities presented by the fast changing digital landscape in the audiovisual media sector, at the same time learning about new EU initiatives and other countries’ experiences in the sector.




  • Public Service Media in an Era of Digitalization - Ingrid Deltenre (EBU)
  • Digital Single Market: The European regulatory environment for media - Guiseppe Abbamonte (European Commission)
  • Regulation in a changing world - Mónica Ariño (Ofcom)