The annual EBU Radio Assembly is the meeting place for senior leaders in public media.  

Every year our radio organizations benefit from new opportunities and also face new challenges – the past year has been no exception.

The major focus for 2017 will be the remit of public radio in the realities of the post-truth world, based around a keynote from leading media expert, Gregory Ferrell Lowe. Additionally, we will hear about recent projects funded by the EBU Innovation Fund; hear about new stations launched by members; examine the challenges of third-party devices, such as Amazon Echo, for radio distribution, and receive updates about the EBU services to members.   

Additional details

The 23rd Radio Assembly will be preceded by a Welcoming Reception on Tuesday, 2 May from 19.00 to 22.00 at the Plzeňský Prazdroj (U Prazdroje 7, Pilsen)

On Wednesday, 3 May, the Official Dinner of the Radio Assembly will take place at Měšťanská Beseda (Kopeckého sady 59/13, Pilsen) from 19.00 to 23.00. We would be very pleased if you could attend both events.

An optional excursion "Walk to Pilsen" will take place on Thursday, 4 May from 17.00 to 19.00. Meeting point is in front of DEPO2015. Please note that the excursion will take place only if enough people sign up.


The two-year term of the current Radio Committee will end at the Assembly in Pilsen, when all 14 seats including the Chair and three Vice-Chairs are subject to election. Candidates must announce in writing to the Secretary (Graham Dixon, Head of Radio) their intention to stand in time for their names to be listed in the working document. The precise timetable will be announced in due course. Candidates must also submit to the Secretary a brief autobiographical note and motivation statement, also for inclusion in the working document.  
It goes without saying that any candidate must have the support of their organization to have enough time for their duties on the RC and to cover their travel costs. 

Voting Procedure


Minutes Members Only



    Day 1

  • Media Department update - Jean Philip De Tender, Media Director, EBU Members Only
  • EBU Radio Update - Graham Dixon, Head of Radio, EBU Members Only
  • The EBU, The Law And Your Organisation - Richard Burnley, Legal Director, EBU Members Only
  • Radio Developments In The Czech Republic - René Zavoral, Director General, Český rozhlas Members Only
  • Public Service Media In The Post-Truth World - Professor Gregory Ferrell Lowe, University of Tampere, Finland Members Only
  • Public Service Media in the Post-Truth World - Speech - Professor Gregory Ferrell Lowe, University of Tampere, Finland Members Only
  • Panel Discussion: What Does This Mean For Us Practically? - Els van de Sijpe, Media Manager, Radio, VRT Members Only
  • Innovation Fund 1: Czech Republic - Edita Kudláčová, Chief Creative Producer, Český rozhlas Members Only
  • Challenges At Radio Everywhere - Presenter: Ruurd Bierman Members Only
  • World Radio Day - Wang Zhiping, Senior Vice-President, Shanghai Media Group Members Only
  • Innovation Fund 2: Slovenia - Mirko Stular, Managing Editor, RTVSLO Members Only
  • Simple, Light and Effective - Lars Hedh, Head of IT Infrastructure, Swedish Radio Members Only
  • The Big 2017 Switchoff – Norway - Line Langnes, Norwegian Media Authority Members Only
  • DAB Stories: From Stations Which Are Gaining Ground - Iva Jonášová, Managing Editor, Radio Wave, Český rozhlas Members Only
  • DAB STORIES: Video 1 Members Only
  • Day 2

  • EBU Athena Strategy: Presentation And Discussion - Jean-Paul Philippot, President, EBU Members Only
  • dotRADIO: The new Top Level Domain for radio - Alain Artero, dotRADIO TLD Manager, EBU Members Only
  • "FRANCEINFO:" - Radio meets television in a new 2016 collaboration - Nathalie Birocheau, Director, franceinfo, Radio France Members Only
  • Innovation Fund 3: BBC, UK - Sharon Sephton, Assistant Producer, Radio Drama, BBC Members Only
  • Innovation fund 3: Video 1 Members Only
  • Innovation fund 3: Video 2 Members Only
  • Innovation Fund 4: Rtbf Belgium - Frédéric Solvel, Social Editor, RTBF Members Only
  • Securing Distribution: The Belgian Case - Francis Goffin, General Director, Radio, RTBF Members Only
  • Change On The Horizon... - Ezra Eeman, Head of Digital, EBU Members Only
  • BBRUSSELS Best Of Credits Members Only
  • End video Members Only