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EBU Esports Workshop

Esports is the generic term for all organized, multiplayer video game competitions, usually between professionals. Hundreds of millions of people worldwide are already hooked and spend time watching competitive video gaming, as well as filling huge arenas to cheer on their favourite competitors.

As one of the fastest-growing media markets of this century, there is a growing interest in exploring different ways of bringing esports to wider audiences. Whether starting out or looking to expand your esports-related content, Members can capitalize on existing technical and format expertise from more traditional forms of entertainment and sports coverage. 

On 11-12 June, colleagues from EBU Members will come together in Helsinki to discuss:

  • Trends in esports
  • How public broadcasters are exploring the field
  • What works well and what needs improving to produce engaging esports programming
  • Esports rights acquisition and negotiation
  • How public broadcasters can collaborate in order to create higher impact with their esports offer

The agenda is available here.

Presentations are available on our media sharing platform Showcase.


All participants are responsible for their own accommodation during the event. Preferential rates available until 6 May at Original Sokos Hotel Presidentti and Solo Sokos Hotel Torni.

Social Tour and Dinner

The Dinner Cruise on Monday 11 June is now confirmed. Registration deadline: 28 May. More information


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