The EBU Creative Forum is the annual event for screening programme formats with only public service content from Europe and beyond. The Creative Forum is not a pitching session. Every format shown has been broadcast in the country of origin.

This unique forum offers EBU Members and organizations from other public service broadcasting unions worldwide the opportunity to exchange TV formats, share production and studio facilities, and pool their creative potential.

The Creative Forum also includes public service broadcasters from outside Europe, such as Asia, Canada and the USA. It is organized by the EBU in close cooperation with the Eurovision Formats Core Group (SVT, ZDF, RTÉ, BBC, NOS and France Télévisions).

The Creative Forum has also been the starting point for several success stories. Various formats have been adapted for other markets and awarded prizes. 

The Top Three Formats (as voted for by attendees)

Congratulations to the BBC, VRT and ITV!

3rd - The Repair Shop - BBC

An antidote to throwaway culture, The Repair Shop shines a light on the wonderful treasures to be found in homes across the UK.

2nd - Taboo - VRT

In each episode a famous comedian will test the boundaries of comedy and good taste. They perform a unique routine which will challenge a subject judged to too taboo to laugh at. The difference is that in this show they will have sourced the material directly from those affected, be it blindness, obesity or other physical disabilities and what’s more they will be at the show.

1st - An Hour to Catch a Killer - ITV

This primetime documentary format follows the specialist detectives from a homicide unit and their supporting multi agency team as they race against the clock to catch a killer. Each episode focuses on a single murder investigation using the dramatic real-world time constraint - The Golden Hour Principle. With unprecedented police access, we get to see the story unfold from a number of different perspectives making this the ultimate ‘true crime’ documentary format.




Except for the evening events, all sessions will be held at Akademie der Künste (map)

The EBU Creative Days cocktail will take place at Audi City Berlin (map)

The EBU Creative Forum Award Ceremony will take place at Axica (map)

Registration Fees

Early birds rate (until 30 June):
EBU Members: 299 EUR
Non-EBU Members: 499 EUR

As of 1st of July:  
EBU Members: 399 EUR
Non-EBU Members: 599 EUR

Free participation for speakers.