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Digital Transformation Initiative workshop at RTÉ

The Digital Transformation Initiative visited our Irish Member RTÉ for a workshop in September. We focussed on RTÉ’s transformation programme called, ‘One RTÉ’, and learned about the design process, structure, and implementation of this far-reaching and ambitious change project. The issues, insights and challenges raised by RTÉ’s experiences served as a basis for a practical workshop on day two. 

This workshop was for executives and experts in strategy, transformation, change management, future ways of working, and any media professionals working to break down the silos and influence the practices of tomorrow. This is a small-scale workshop, and is very much in the spirit of open, honest sharing and knowledge exchange. 

 We are very grateful to RTÉ for hosting this event, which included a campus tour. 

Take a look at a full round up of the event.

 About our initiative

The Digital Transformation Initiative was established help Members understand the challenges and opportunities of the information age, and support them through their own change processes.

Digital technology has fundamentally altered the expectations, interactions, and consumption patterns of our audiences. As a result, Public Service Media (PSM) must engage in fundamental transformation if they are to remain relevant in this increasingly competitive and constantly changing environment.

We know that every Member faces different issues, which is why the DTI draws together expertise from across the EBU to address these from a multidisciplinary perspective. We provide expertise, knowledge exchange, and tailored support services. 


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