VOX: New content opportunities workshop

The EBU VOX Group is a member-led expert group across the EBU Digital, Radio and Technology & Innovation departments. It includes representatives from Member broadcasters who have strategic interests for the future of Audio and Video with the advent of voice-controlled digital assistants.

As part of the New Radio Day 2018 in Dublin, the EBU VOX Group will get together for a workshop on new content opportunities for Voice User Interfaces and Smart Speakers. During this workshop, we will be delving into the different possibilities offered by the different devices and the best ways to link them with new, ground-breaking content ideas.

The event will consist of inspiring presentations from some of our Members, that will then open to brainstorming sessions and consequent group discussions. The idea is to have a very interactive afternoon, where everyone can get involved, bringing some real practical ideas to the table.

The workshop will be open to all Members interested in finding out more on voice-controlled digital assistants. If would like to attend this event, please contact the EBU Digital Community Manager, Stefano Salucci, directly: salucci@ebu.ch 


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Location: Dublin, Ireland


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