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EBU Media Talk - EU Elections: Democracy, Politics and the Media

The next European elections will take place between 23 & 26 May, in a context tainted by increasing populism, defiance against the EU, potential manipulations, rampant disinformation and voters' national focus.

The surrounding pessimism does not do much for the electorate's motivation to cast a vote and many feel discouraged by likely results or potential lack of impact on their lives.

But now is the time – more than ever – to better understand the conditions needed for citizens to become interested and engage in politics. Young people, in particular those voting for the first time, should be encouraged to trust reliable information sources to form their own opinions.

As the representative of Public Service Media, the EBU invites you to a debate followed by an exchange of views with participants on the role to be played by politicians, the media and citizens themselves to contribute to a renewed democracy in Europe.


Registration opens at 1.30 PM with a light buffet and refreshments. The event will start at 2.00 PM and end at 3.00 PM.

  • Welcome by Nicola Frank, Head of Public Affairs, European Broadcasting Union
  • Panel debate moderated by Peter Fritz, Head of Brussels bureau, ORF
  • Exchange of views with participants


  • Philippe Lamberts, MEP
  • Emilie Tran Nguyen, Journalist, France Télévisions
  • Annastiina Heikkilä, News correspondent, Yle
  • Prof. Marco Giugni, Director of the Institute of Citizenship Studies, University of Geneva and coordinator of Euryka project ‘Reinventing democracy in Europe: youth doing politics in times of increasing inequalities’




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