17th Legal & Policy Assembly

The Legal & Policy Assembly met at Sveriges Radio headquarters, in Stockholm, on 9th and 10th May 2019 to update senior legal and policy Members on the latest developments impacting public service media in Europe and beyond, as well as to provide an opportunity for sharing experiences and networking.

This Spring, we focused on two main subjects. The first one concerned the debates and challenges PSM are currently facing in Europe, with presentations by David Levy (ex-Reuters Institutes for the Study of Journalism) and Séverine Schori-Vogt (SSR-SRG-GD). The second main focus was on Artificial Intelligence and the regulatory and ethical implications for PSM, with presentations by Tim Gordon (Best Practice AI), Jaakko Lempinen (YLE, Finnish public broadcaster) and Mariella Bastian (Institute for Information Law, IViR).

A detailed update on the Public Affairs roadmap was also provided, together with a broader update on the recent work of the EBU Legal & Policy Department, and a dedicated session on the new EU framework.  

Elections for a new Legal & Policy Committee were held for the period 2019-2021.



Friday 10th May 2019

 DSM Copyright and NetCab Directives - Heijo Ruijsenaars, Anne-Sarah Skrebers and Vincent Sneed  Members Only
 Platform-to-Business Regulation - Sarah Turnbull, Wouter Gekiere  Members Only
 Revised Audiovisual Media Services Directive - Michael Wagner, Sarah Turnbull, Wouter Gekiere  Members Only
 Draft e-privacy Regulation - Anne-Catherine Berg, Guenaelle Collet  Members Only
 Draft online terrorist content Regulation - Sarah Turnbull, Julie Lenoir  Members Only
 Draft e-evidence Regulation - Sarah Turnbull, Julie Lenoir  Members Only
 Whistleblowers Directive - Michael Wagner, Julie Lenoir  Members Only


 Proud to Present 01 - SR  Members Only
 Proud to Present 02 - UR  Members Only
 Proud to Present 03 - SVT  Members Only

Thursday 9th May 2019

 Public Services Media in Europe - David Levy  Members Only
 Public Services Media in Europe - Séverine Schori-Vogt  Members Only
 Update on Public Affairs Roadmap - Nicola Frank, Wouter Gekiere, Isabelle Dochy, Vincent Sneed, Guenaelle Collet  Members Only
 Artificial Intelligence - Tim Gordon  Members Only
 Artificial Intelligence - Jaakko Lempinen  Members Only
 Artificial Intelligence - Mariella Bastian  Members Only
 Elections of the Legal and Policy Committee - Richard Burnley, Ausra Semeniene  Members Only
 EBU Gender Equality Initiative - Florence Hartmann  Members Only


Location: Stockholm


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