Potsdam Summit / The Euroradio Cultural Forum

The Potsdam Summit/Euroradio Cultural Forum is a one-day seminar organized each year by the EBU Culture Group, chaired by Denis Nowlan from BBC Radio 4. It is a unique gathering of senior executives from the radio industry, representing cultural stations from all over Europe. The general theme for this year is “Linear Radio vs. On-Demand”.

At this year's Summit, held in Potsdam, just outside Berlin, on the fringes of Prix Europa, outstanding leaders and innovators will debate how radio can respond to its biggest challenges since the advent of television. The rise of on-demand listening is a revolution in the world of radio, disrupting old models of content and distribution. But is it also the start of a renaissance in the medium? As radio reaches its centenary, on-demand is challenging the way we relate to our audience as well as the stories we tell.

There will be special presentations by Alan Davey, BBC Radio 3 Controller, as well as by Cilla Benkö, Swedish Radio Director General, Rhian Roberts, BBC Head of Digital Strategy Engagement, and Sandrine Treiner, Director of France Culture. More details on the programme will be announced in due course.

For the first time ever, members of the EBU Music Group, also meeting in Potsdam in conjunction with Prix Europa, have been invited to attend the Summit.


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