The Legal & Policy Assembly brings together senior legal and policy experts from across the EBU Membership. It is a forum for updating Members on latest developments impacting public service media in Europe and beyond, as well as an opportunity for sharing experiences and networking.
This Autumn, we have had a more in-depth look at regulatory and ethical issues raised by Artificial Intelligence and we have also had a special focus on ensuring prominence of PSM in the online world. These two subjects have been presented by particularly interesting guest speakers :
Artificial Intelligence: Lucilla Sioli (European Commission), Alexandre Rouxel (EBU), Léonard Bouchet (RTS), Rhianne Jones (BBC) and Natali Helberger (Amsterdam University).
Prominence of PSM on the Internet Media Platform: Kevin Bakhurst (Ofcom/UK), Lieven Vermaele (VRT) and Renate Dörr (ZDF).
Members have also been updated with current and future platform regulation and policy subjects and have received the latest news about the EBU Public Affairs Roadmap and future EU priorities.
As announced, two new Members of the Legal and Policy Committee have been elected to complete two vacant seats. The newly elected Members of the Legal and Policy Committee are  Alan Morrison (SR, Sweden) and Ronald Vecht (NPO, Netherlands).


Starling Hotel
34 Rue François Peyrot
1218 Le Grand Saconnex

Crowne Plaza Geneva
75-77 Avenue Louis Casai


EBU Headquarters
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  • Artificial Intelligence (1st Panel) - Alexandre Rouxel, AI Project Engineer, Technology and Innovation Dept., EBUMembers Only
  • Artificial Intelligence (1st Panel) - Rhianne Jones, BBCMembers Only
  • Artificial Intelligence (1st Panel) - Natali Helberger, University of AmsterdamMembers Only
  • Artificial Intelligence (Keynote) - Lucilla Sioli, European CommissionMembers Only
  • Public Affairs Roadmap - Nicola Frank, EBUMembers Only
  • Competition Law, Digital Economy and Platform Business Practices - Konstantina Bania, EBUMembers Only
  • Elections for the Legal and Policy Committee - Ausra Semeniene, EBUMembers Only
  • Digital Services Act and Revision of the e-Commerce Directive - Michael Wagner and Wouter Gekiere, EBUMembers Only
  • Copyright: NetCab and DSM Directives (plus update from the Copyright Group) - Heijo Ruijsenaars, Anne-Sarah Skrebers and Vincent Sneed, EBUMembers Only
  • Data Protection (Update) - Anne-Catherine Berg and Guenaelle Collet, EBUMembers Only
  • Implementation of the Audiovisual Media Services Directive - Jenny Weinand, EBUMembers Only
  • Gender Equality Initiatives for Members - Claudia Vaccarone, Senior Strategy Advisor, EBUMembers Only
  • Prominence of PSM on Internet Media Platform - Kevin Bakhurst, OfcomMembers Only
  • Prominence of PSM on Internet Media Platform - Renate Dörr, ZDFMembers Only
  • Prominence of PSM on Internet Media Platform - Lieven Vermaele, VRTMembers Only

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