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EBU Children's Drama & Documentary Series Screenings

This day of meetings is the opportunity for all commissioners, producers and directors, having contributed to the 2019 drama and/or documentary series, to come together to screen and discuss all the finished films produced over the past year. This annual gathering is the place where all representatives of the participating countries/Members can exchange ideas, best practices, changes and improvements, and also select the films to be broadcast nationally in the years to come. These meetings are also opened to Member broadcasters not yet participating into the series but curious to know more in order to possibly join these exchanges in the future.

Find out more about the Eurovision Children's Drama Series and the Eurovision Children's Documentary Series.


2 December: Drama series meeting

3 December: Documentary series meeting

There will be a joint dinner on 2 December in the evening.

More information to come soon.


BBC Alba, 40 Pacific Quay, Glasgow


Find out more by contacting simha@ebu.ch


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