'Back to a New Normal' COVID-19 Roundtable

This virtual meeting will take place at 15:00-16:00 CEST.

As a 'new normal' progressively takes shape, Members share their experience on scaling up return to the office and capturing positive learnings from the crisis. This 60-minute roundtable will include interventions from:

  • Joe Hill, Senior Director Resiliency & Security Media Technology and Infrastructure Services, CBC/Radio Canada
  • Bakel Walden, Director of Development & Offering, SSR SRG
  • Ulrika Von Celsing, Strategy Advisor, SVT
  • Eija Hakakari, Director of HR, YLE

The session will be moderated by Vanessa O'Connor, EBU Director of Member Relations and Communications.

Please join us for a discussion and exchange of ideas.



Register by: 03 Jun 2020


Members Only

 If you wish to register and be part of the webinar please contact Nathaly Bronson at bronson@ebu.ch

Contact detail

Clotilde Pupillo
Events Specialist

+41 22 717 24 06