Legal and Policy Committee Meeting

The Legal and Policy Committee is a body elected by the Legal and Policy Assembly.

Its role is to promote and defend public service media in Europe, particularly vis-à-vis the European Union, as well as to establish and implement the EBU's European legal and public affairs strategy.

The committee analyses specific topics and makes proposals on sectoral strategy. It can also formulate official positions.


 Upcoming EU File Prioritization - Wouter Gekiere  Members Only
 Digital Services Act Package - Sarah Turnbull, Wouter Gekiere, Jenny Weinand, Konstantina Bania  Members Only
 Feedback on Legal and Policy Workshops - Richard Burnley, Mélanie Alexandre  Members Only




Invitation Only

Working Languages: English

Webex connection details 

If you are a Member of the Legal and Policy Committee and need to be provided with the connection details, please contact Mélanie Alexandre

Contact detail

Richard Burnley
Legal & Policy Director
+41 22 717 25 13
Mélanie Alexandre
Senior Executive Assistant & Membership Legal Secretary
+41 22 717 25 05