DTI Community Roundtables: COVID-19 and the Transformation of Work

COVID-19 has fundamentally altered how we work and even how we understand the jobs that we do.
A lot has been discussed in terms of emergency responses and crisis management, but it is now clear that in many respects the old days are gone for good, and it is time to make decisions for the long term.

As we move forward, Members are looking to find the balance between what worked before, what has been learnt during the crisis, and what will need to happen to succeed in the future. An open discussion of the COVID crisis and its long-term impact on ‘the future of work’, as well as the approaches and thinking of EBU peers took place on Thursday 29 October.

Issues that were discussed:

  • How to organize for a permanently distributed workforce?
  • What are the impacts on people, infrastructure, technology or processes?
  • How do we measure the ‘success’ of WFH?
  • What are Members thinking about the reallocation of resources and infrastructure investment?

Featured Organizations and Speakers:

CBC (Canada): Findings and Implications for the Future of Work

  • Heaton Dyer: Executive Director, Strategy and International Relations
  • Caroline Lévesque-Pelletier: Chief-of-staff for the Executive Vice-President of Corporate Development   
  • Youni Shabah: Director Business Transformation & Organizational Performance 

SVT (Sweden): How 150 people almost immediately started to work from home, stayed focused and kept the happiness of work(ing together?)

  • Sara Fahlander: COO SVTi (SVT Interactive)

ABC (Australia): Recap of ABC's experience over the last 9 months, where are we now and plans for the upcoming 6-12 months, and how do we keep track and deliver long-term strategy

  • Deanna Ireland: Head of People and Culture Strategy and Projects
  • Jeremy Millar: Acting Head of Corporate Strategy

The DTI Community Roundtables are a new series of online gatherings in which EBU Members meet and discuss topical issues linked to digital transformation. Each session includes short presentations from two or three invited speakers and an open discussion between all participants.

Agenda can be found here.


 Findings and Implications for the Future of Work - Heaton Dyer, Caroline Lévesque-Pelletier, Youni Shabah (CBC)  Members Only
 Future of Work - Deanna Ireland & Jeremy Millar (ABC)  Members Only



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