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Youth Content: What works?

We all know that reaching young adults can be a challenge. But there have been some success stories within public service media.

As part of the Young Audiences Initiative, a new series of short virtual meetings has been designed to help our Members identify successful strategies and cases, and share their experiences on content targeted at the 15-25 age group.

These meetings are for programme makers, commissionners, editors and marketers working on youth content.

During these meetings we will: 

  • Initiate new connections among PSM colleagues making an impact with young adults from all over Europe
  • Present some research on how the lockdown impacted young adults' media consumption habits
  • Exchange information about cases and experiences that work well with young adults and which might inspire your daily activities
  • Exchange information on what's in the pipeline for engaging with young adults, both for inspiration and so we can identify potential synergies and opportunities to collaborate