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News IDEAS Webinar: US Elections

The News Innovation & Digital Empowering Access Subcommittee (News IDEAS) has the pleasure to invite you to the next episode in our webinar series exploring how to report on the US elections in these challenging times.

On 3 November 2020, Americans will head to the polls and render their verdict on the Trump presidency. Control of the US Congress, state legislatures and governorships are also in play. But the big question is whether the incumbent can win re-election.

On this occasion, an expert Member panel will discuss and share latest ideas, opportunities and challenges in planning how to cover this unprecedented presidential race.

Please feel free to share this event with your colleagues.

This webinar is for EBU Members & Sublicensees only.


  • Krista Taubert, Head of World News and Current Affairs with YLE, will present how they have handled the travel ban that has frustrated everybody's plans. 
  • Johannes Björklund, Videodesk Videojournalist with SVT, will introduce an unconventional short-format news programme to premiere during the elections.
  • Jerry Vermanen, Data Journalist with Pointer, together with Teemo Tebest, EBU Data Journalist, will discuss how the EBU Data Network is collaborating to support different news stories

Time permitting, a Q&A will follow each bite-sized presentation, but you can already submit your questions during the registration process.

All registered participants will receive an invitation with a link to join 24 hours before the meeting date.