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Knowledge Exchange 2020

*We regret to inform you that this event has been cancelled following EBU's measures to secure health and safety during the COVID-19 crisis. We are assessing whether any online activity will be prepared to address the topics in the original agenda. We will keep you informed. If you don't want to miss anything new from Contribution to Society, join our community

Healthy Public Service Media for Healthy Democracy 


At a time  when citizens are being barraged by fake news and disinformation online, we want to reflect and debate on how public service media (PSM) organizations need to react in order to be a cornerstone for  a  healthy democracy. The uncertainty generated by the COVID-19 pandemic and how audiences have turned to public service channels shows that PSM are an important point of reference, an essential resource to secure public safety and cohesion.

While we are still in the midst of the crisis, we feel it is important to show resilience and find responses to these questions sooner rather than later. As part of the Public Service Media Contribution to Society Initiative, the EBU Knowledge Exchange 2020 brings to you the opportunity to learn best practices from different PSM organizations and other market players, as well as from experts, on impact assessment, long-term value definition and partnerships. These three are essential to reinforcing the contribution by PSM to building a healthy democracy.


Practical insights, ideas and recommendations about how PSM can contribute to building a healthy democracy, which you will be able to immediately apply to your own organization. 

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  • Public service media  staff  working on  strategy, advocacy, international relations, public relations, communications, research  or  corporate social responsibility. 
  • Academic scholars specializing in PSM.  


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