15th News Assembly

The 15th edition of the News Assembly offered news directors, editors-in-chief and foreign editors the opportunity to network and exchange views about improving coverage, reducing costs and adapting to the changing media market.

More than 300 delegates came together online to discuss how COVID-19 has reshaped our industry and what are the critical elements to building a diverse newsroom.  

As in previous years, keynote speakers and panellists shared their particular, often provocative views of journalism's changing role amid the ongoing information crisis. 

The News Assembly saw the release of "Fast-forward: Public Service Journalism in the Viral Age" the 2020 News Unit Report that looks into how PSM Newsrooms navigated COVID-19 by analysing the experiences and impact through various interviews with numerous EBU editors-in-chief, 20 case studies, and looking into possible future scenarios for all newsrooms and PSM in particular.




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