Legal and Policy Distribution Group Meeting

The Legal and Policy Distribution Group focuses on policy and regulation issues relevant to long-term sustainable and affordable distribution of public service media content and services including spectrum, Net Neutrality (Open Internet), 5G, implementation of EECC and the European Green Deal. 


 02.1_EBU ad hoc Spectrum Group - Elena Puigrefagut (EBU T&I Department, Senior Project Manager)  Members Only
 02.2_DRAFT EBU EU Spectrum Policy Messages - Vincent Sneed (EBU, Senior Policy Adviser)  Members Only
 02.3_EU Spectrum stakeholder mapping overview - Ausra Semeniene (EBU, Senior Legal Counsel)  Members Only
 03.1_ECJ Decision on Net Neutrality and zero-rating - Ausra Semeniene (EBU, Senior Legal Counsel)  Members Only




Members Only

Working Languages: English

Videoconference connection details 

For any question regarding the videoconference connection details, please contact Mélanie Alexandre.

Contact detail

Ausra Semeniene
Senior Legal Counsel
+41 22 717 25 23
Vincent Sneed
Senior EU Policy Adviser
+32 2 286 91 43
Mélanie Alexandre
Senior Executive Assistant & Membership Legal Secretary
+41 22 717 25 05