Radio Committee Meeting

The Radio Committee, answerable to the Radio Assembly and the General Assembly, is the principal policy-making body in the audio sector.

It works in the interests of all Radio Members by:

  • Deciding upon strategic priorities for the Radio sector with the principal aim of involving more Members in producing, sharing and distributing distinctive and succesful content
  • Supporting Members in innovation, transformation and in crisis
  • Supporting Members, and providing them with the necessary assistance, in developing strategies in response to European developments in radio
  • Monitoring and benchmarking systematically the scope and efficiency of activities carried in by the Radio sector
  • Setting up and supervising Expert and Project Groups, steering work in progress as necessary
  • In collaboration with other Committees, identifying key messages of the Radio sector, organizing public radio events and reflecting and enhancing the profile of radio activities
  • Actively encouraging the prosperity of the radio programme exchange and other linear and non-linear content related radio activities
  • Formulating common positions, where possible, among all radio Members and working jointly with television and multimedia partners
  • Managing the allocation of the Radio Innovation Fund




Members Only

Working Languages: English

Contact detail

Caroline Sellier
Senior Executive Assistant
+41 22 717 26 05