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The Post-Lockdown Audiovisual Landscape

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The COVID-19 pandemic is accelerating the trends that we were already seeing across the media industry. Beyond the immediate impact in audience behaviour during lockdown and semi-lockdown periods in 2020, the market will look different. This will affect the products offered, the players involved, with some consumption behaviour changes that will become permanent.

To dig deeper into these trends from a research perspective, Richard Broughton from the market-leading data and analytics firm Ampere Analysis will share his insights about the topic.

During this webinar, Richard will try to answer the following questions:

  • What’s the current market outlook, and what are the risk factors?
  • Which behaviours adopted during lockdown will prove to be temporary and which are likely to be here to stay?
  • Video viewing and regularity of media usage - how has COVID changed media consumption patterns?
  • Has the pandemic accelerated the shift to online viewing? Or have people gone back to the status quo?
  • Impact of the pandemic on consumer interest in viewing sports events, and on willingness to pay
  • What are the features of the market as we emerge from COVID and what do they mean for rights owners?
  • Where are European broadcasters now positioning themselves with regards to content and commercial strategy?
  • What is the emerging market for sports rights -are sports rights owners looking at a diminished future, unless they can stimulate competition for rights?
  • Do the structural quirks of Europe’s TV market mean that pay TV operators are insulated against the worst effects of cord-cutting behaviour?

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Richard Broughton

Research Director, Ampere Analysis

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