Multi-platform Content Strategies

In the past, we were able to only look at linear channels and discuss the commissioning and scheduling strategies, and how the organization is structured around these models. Today, we need to look at linear and non-linear platforms and how to meet audience demands and behaviors around these platforms. In this evolving landscape, what does it mean to have a multi-platform content strategy? We'd like to look at the commissioning/acquisition strategies, scheduling different content on different platforms and the organizational set-up needed to meet these new requirements.

The TV and Digital units are happy to announce that SRG SSR (Switzerland), ZDF (Germany), NRK (Norway), and RTVSlo (Slovenia) will share their organizational structures around their commissioning cycles, content strategies and how they work across platforms. Markus Sterky (SVT - Sweden) and Joao Galveias (RTP - Portugal) will be hosting and moderating the workshop. 

For the different Member cases to be comparable, we're aiming to have the following questions answered:

  • What does the commissioning/acquisition process look like within your organization? How does it relate to linear and non-linear (when you throw in the video-on-demand (VOD) player into the mix)? 
  • How are all the different commissioners within your organization managed to ensure delivery on linear and non-linear?  
  • What is scheduling for VOD and where does it sit within your organization? 
  • How to find the balance between what audiences want to watch vs. what kind of content public service media (PSM) provide to satisfy all segments of the population? 
  • Who has the final say?

This event is open to Members and Associate Members. 


 The Swiss Perspective - Jessica Morley & Pierre-Adrian Irlé (SRG SSR)  Members Only
 The Slovenian Perspective - Natalia Gorščak (RTVSlo)  Members Only
 The German Perspective - Jeffrey Haverkamp (ZDF)  Members Only
 The Norwegian Perspective - Elisabeth Mjøs (NRK)  Members Only



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Video Talks

Jessica Morley and Pierre-Adrian Irlé (SRG SSR)
Natalia Gorščak (RTVSlo)
Jeffrey Haverkamp (ZDF)
Elisabeth Mjøs (NRK)

Hosts: Markus Sterky (SVT) and Joao Galveias (RTP)

Members Only