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Social Polarization and Media: What does research actually tell us?

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There seems to be a consensus that Western societies face a growing polarization, with a focus on what might be seen as polarizing topics: environmental sustainability, migration, or globalism versus localism. This is an extremely relevant topic for public service media given its privileged position as a trusted and impartial source of news provision.

In this research webinar, NRK’s Iacob Christian Prebensen will challenge this consensus by discussing the most relevant indicators to understand polarization and looking at what the actual figures tell us. VRT’s Tomas Coppens will trigger the debate by challenging Iacob’s presentation.

Join this webinar if you want to understand if polarization is actually increasing and how much. Participate in the debate and bring your national experience. Organized within the framework of the Public Service Media Contribution to Society strategic initiative.

This event is open to Members and Associates only.

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Registrations are now closed. Should you still wish to attend this webinar please contact John Nucum, nucum@ebu.ch.


Iacob Christian Prebensen

Audience Researcher, NRK (Norway)

Tomas Coppens

Senior Researcher, VRT (Netherlands)

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