This spring session will include the election of the new Legal and Policy Committee, including the Chair and Vice-Chair.

Delphine Ernotte Cunci, President of the EBU and CEO of France Television, will open the session on Thursday 29 April, followed by an expert panel on "Future Challenges for PSM: Regulatory solutions?". There will also be an update on the Digital Services Act and Digital Markets Act, Copyright files, and the most recent work of the newly established and interdisciplinary Legal and Policy Distribution Group (covering 5G, DTT Spectrum and Net Neutrality).


The Assembly will elect the Chair, Vice-Chair and a maximum of 16 additional individuals. The elections will be held by digital vote in accordance with Part II of the EBU Bye-Laws and the Terms of Reference of the Legal and Policy Assembly and Legal and Policy Committee, which you will find here.

If you wish to stand for election, please contact Richard Burnley before 9 April 2021.

You will find all useful documents on the Legal and Policy Committee page.


  • PSM: Future Challenges, Regulatory Solutions - Peter Weber (ZDF, Legal Director) Members Only
  • Rule of Law and European Democracy Action Plan - Isabelle Dochy (EBU, Policy Adviser) & Julie Lenoir (EBU, Policy Adviser) Members Only
  • Elections for the Legal and Policy Committee - Richard Burnley (EBU, Head of Legal and Policy) Members Only
  • Digital Services Act / Digital Markets Act - François Lavoir / Thomas Bergmann (Senior Policy Advisers) & Jenny Weinand / Konstantina Bania (Senior Legal Counsels) Members Only
  • Update from Legal and Policy Distribution Group - Ausra Semeniene (EBU, Senior Legal Counsel) & Vincent Sneed (EBU, Senior EU Policy Adviser) Members Only
  • Update from the Copyright Group - Heijo Ruijsenaars, Anne-Sarah Skrebers and Vincent Sneed (EBU Legal and Policy Department) Members Only
  • Update from Data Protection Group - Anne-Catherine Berg (Data Protection Officer, Senior Legal Counsel, EBU Legal and Policy Department) Members Only
  • Overview of the main new legislation in France (re.: Audiovisual and Digital Services) - Bertrand Scirpo (FTV, Data Protection Officer & Head of Public Affairs) Members Only

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