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Eurovision News Monitoring Tool: Feedback Webinar

Are you already using the Eurovision News Monitoring Tool? Join us and share your feedback or find out more about the latest news intelligence tool for the EBU Journalists.

Learn how other Members are already benefiting from the Eurovision News Monitoring Tool.

The Eurovision News Monitoring Tool provides real-time insight into other News Exchange members’ range of online news. Currently, the tool is collecting an average of more than 1,000 online news articles (text and/or video, audio, photo) daily. It is a window to content  built on universality, diversity, excellence and innovation. This tool is a new strategic push that aims to increase your impact, reach and equity. Register for this webinar to get inspired by other EBU Members and share your own experience.

In the Eurovision News Monitoring Tool, all stories are machine-translated into English thanks to the EuroVOX software (other languages are available on request).

The application allows editors to filter the content by categories (sports, environment, politics, science, etc.), by source and by date. Text queries can be entered to search for specific keywords. In addition, PEACH, a personalization and recommendation ecosystem also created by EBU Members, helps to surface related content.

The tool is the result of the work of the EBU and 14 of its Members* who in early 2020 began to pilot a collaborative way of sharing digital news content among themselves.

The News Committee, the governing body of the Eurovision News Exchange, has awarded the project a year’s funding on behalf of all the Members, using the News Earmarked Reserve.

The tool is open to all Members participating in the News Exchange and those radio-only organizations willing to share their content.

*ARD/Tagesschau, ARTE, BR, DW, FranceTélèvisions, RAI, RTBF, RTE, RTP, RTVE, SR, SWI Swissinfo (SSR SRG), YLE, ZDF. Newly integrated or about to be integrated LRT and ORF Online.


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