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Introducing EuroVOX

Translation and transcription tools have become commonplace at broadcasting facilities, as journalists and programme-makers use and produce content in multiple languages and for multiple purposes. In a globalized world, the ability to shift seamlessly from one language to another helps to ensure the flow of news, culture and entertainment.

In this session, we will introduce EuroVOX, a tool to reduce the cost and complexity of transcription and multilingual content translations available for all EBU Members. It can facilitate searches in your archives through automated transcription, but it is also a quick way to translate produced news items into multiple languages automatically, as well as to create subtitles for live content, including alternative languages.

This online event is part of the Music and Radio 60-minute sessions organized by the EBU Music Unit.

Presented in partnership with EBU Technology and Innovation.


Ben Poor, Senior Project Manager
Sébastien Noir, Manager of Software Engineering Team
Loris Di Nardo Di Maio, software developer


  • Introducing EuroVOX, a system for automated transcription and translation - 28 April 2021 - Ben PoorMembers Only