More than 130 members and EBU staff joined the News Contacts Meeting to hear from our fascinating speakers and interesting topics revolving around Eurovision News.  

In the meeting our new Senior Editor of the Eurovision News Exchange, Emilio San Pedro shared his first impressions and his priorities for the future. News Committee Chair Benoit Balon-Perin announced the start of the News Committee election campaign, as the News Assembly will elect the new body on 24-25 November 2021. Editorial Subcommittee Chair Giuseppe Solinas announced the launch of the Reach Out Initiative at the meeting.

A terror attack in Vienna and a massive earthquake in Croatia: watch the video about Breaking news to find out what happened in our newsrooms moments after the alerts came in. What is here to stay, and what will be phased out after the pandemic? Find out about how our newsrooms have changed since lockdowns. How can you make the most of the Digital News Monitoring Tool? What are some of the basic copyright restrictions you need to be mindful of?

In the videos from the event, organized by the Editorial Subcommittee and the Geneva Newsroom, you can find out about these topics and much more.  


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  • Breaking News - 1 - Anita Fichtinger, News Contact EVN Desk, ORF Members Only
  • Breaking News - 2 (HRT) - Dijana Fister, Eurovision News Desk Editor, HRT Members Only
  • Breaking News - 3 - David Mogrovejo, News Editor, EBU Members Only
  • Restrictions - Derek Bowler, Head of Social Newsgathering, EBU Members Only
  • Social Media Monitoring Tool - Massimiliano Desumma, Senior Producer, EBU Members Only
  • Breakout Session Writing Advanced - Bente Lundstroem, DR, Abderrahmane Naji, SNRT, Belen Lopez Garrido, EBU Members Only
  • Breakout Session Membership Fees - Liz Corbin, Deputy Media Director and Head of News, EBU Members Only
  • Breakout Session Sports News Exchange - Ine Bjolseth, Sports News Editor, EBU Members Only
  • Breakout Session Writing, Level 1 - Risida Dimitrova, News Editor EVN Desk, BNT Cathy Milner, News Editor, EBU Members Only
  • News Pilot - Justyna Kurczabinska, Senior Editor News Strategy & Development (EBU) Members Only