The International Broadcasting Assembly brings together EBU Members that transmit internationally (TV, radio and online) to discuss and share strategic challenges and identify areas of mutual support, assistance and knowledge.

This year’s IBA will take place in two sessions on 1 June, from 10:00 to 11:00 CEST and from 14:00 to 16:30 CEST. Due to the ongoing COVID-19-related restrictions the Assembly will be held online for the second time.

In the morning session, Members will be electing a new International Broadcasting Committee, look at the trends of international broadcasting and exchange Members’ news.

In the afternoon we will address international distribution strategies with Nigel Fry (BBC), Elena Puigrafagut (EBU) and Oliver Linow (DW) and discuss different aspects of trusted journalism with Rasmus Kleis Nielsen (Reuters Institute),  Albert Romagnoli and Sabino Metta (Rai), Heaton Dyer (CBC/Radio-Canada) and Justyna Kurczabinska (EBU). 

Please check the agenda for more information.


Terms of reference


John Maguire

Director International Relations and Cooperation, France Médias Monde (France)

Patrick Leusch

Head of European Affairs, DW (Germany)

Maria Jesus Perez

International Sales Director, RTVE (Spain)

Nigel Fry

Head of Distribution (BBC World Service), BBC (United Kingdom)

Alberto Romagnoli

Deputy Director RAI News 24, RAI (Italy)

Elena Puigrefagut

Senior Project Manager (EBU Technology & Innovation)

Heaton Dyer

Chief Growth Officer, Pink Triangle Press

Oliver Linow

Internet Freedom Specialist, DW (Germany)

Bärbel Moser

Director of International Development, France Médias Monde (France)

Sabino Metta

Centre for Research and Technology Innovation, RAI (Italy)


  • IBA members' latest developments- trends - Nicola Frank (EBU)
  • Reaching audiences with different needs - Nigel Fry (BBC)
  • WRC-23 - Preparation and satellite distribution - Elena Puigrefagut (EBU)
  • Reaching your audience - How to deal with Internet Censorhip - Oliver Linow (DW)
  • Trusted journalism: the role of data, technology and research - Alberto Romagnoli and Sabino Metta (RAI)
  • Journalism, Trust Initiative - Heaton Dyer (CBC/Radio-Canada)
  • ENTR -What's next project - Patrick Leusch (DW) and Barbel Moser (France Médias Monde)