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Access Services Webinar #2: Digital accessibility

Want to learn more about other Member organizations digital accessibility goals, practices and tools? Then don’t miss out on our second Access Services Webinar on Thursday 30 September.

EBU Access Services Experts and usability experts will gather online to discuss digital accessibility as more and more broadcasting organizations are accelerating digital projects. Not only will we be showcasing innovative products, solutions and services, but we'll also highlight the importance and benefits of web accessibility to provide equal access to public service media online content.

The webinar will feature 3 presentations from Members organizations (NRK, RTÉ and VRT). They'll focus on how to make digital products more inclusive for people with disabilities. Presentations will include best practices around web content architecture and indexation, design, and other solutions implemented by Members to facilitate the process and fit the so-called “P.O.U.R”  principles, as recommended by the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines. P.O.U.R. stands for Perceivable, Operable and Understandable by the broadest possible range of users and Robust enough to work with current and future technologies.

During this webinar, we will hear about:

  1. NRK TV - A streaming service for everyone 
    Presented by Kristoffer Lium, Digital Accessibility Expert and Siri Antonsen, Strategic Head of Accessibility, NRK
  2. RTÉ PLAYER - Delivering accessibility innovation
    Presented by Aidan Bell, Multimedia Coordinator, RTÉ    
  3. VRT Navigator - Raising awareness through VR
    Presented by Debbie Gijsbrechts, Accessibility Designer, VRT 

Registration is open to EBU Members and Associate Members only.

The EBU Access Services Experts is running this series of short webinars throughout 2021 to replace its annual gathering. This webinar will be the second of the series. The first webinar, which took place on 22 June 2021, was dedicated to audio accessibility. Members looked at innovative solutions to enhance speech and improve audibility for sensory challenged people, principally hearing impaired. Presentations and the recording of the session are available on the Access Services Experts Webinar #1: Audibility page.


Kristoffer Lium

Digital Accessibility Expert, NRK (Norway)

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Aidan Bell

Multimedia Coordinator, RTÉ (Ireland)

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Debbie Gijsbrechts

Accessibility Designer, VRT (Belgium)

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